First official single

Self Produced
Artwork by the talented Rachel Halili

Eventually we’ll fall asleep, and dream about these past three weeks,
Or lie awake and dedicate, our thoughts to finding what it means,
But when it is all said and done,
I can’t think of anyone else,

Nothing is just as it seems, at least that what it seems to me,
And everybody has a path, but some will walk reluctantly,
Well you can throw your map away,
Cause I’ll be here another day or two

Hope will take its toll
And ignite your soul

We were told as we grow old, that one day we would find ourselves,
But as we aged, everything changed, and we were locked by different spells,
Well love is such an abstract art,
And we each have a different part to play

They will find that overtime, that they can’t help but play along
And as we wait they hesitate, for fear that something may go wrong,
But when the smoke has finally cleared,
Things are not just as they appeared,

Hope will take its toll
And Ignite your soul

Source: SoundCloud / The Ransom Collective


Self Portrait with Guitar / 18” x 24” / Pastel / October 2013

My highly talented cousin! Or should I say Samuel Beam…

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Hasidic children - Brooklyn, 2004.


Hasidic children - Brooklyn, 2004.

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Shin Lamed, Blindfull

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that was the biggest fucking overreaction im laughing so hard

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I don’t care how many times I’ve reblogged this 

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